CCSD superintendent prepares to implement safety recommendations

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From a list of safety recommendations, Dr. Jesus Jara is prioritizing 10 things he says Clark County School District can begin implementing now.

The improvements were discussed before the board of trustees Wednesday, with input from community members.

The recommendations, from a safety advisory committee assembled by Dr. Jara, are designed to keep children safe at school.

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Halfway through the school year, 11 guns have been recovered on CCSD campuses, compared to 13 the entire previous year.

This number does not include other weapons like BB guns and knives. Armed students are just one issue the safety advisory committee is addressing.

The group of police, educators, and parents have come up with a long list of recommendations looking at prevention and intervention, infrastructure, and community outreach. At the top of Dr. Jara’s list is school assessments.

“Really having the experts come in and just really say here’s what some of the needs that you have, immediately that we need to take action on.”

Dr. Jara expects to get an additional $25 million from the state to implement school safety policies.

He agrees with the committee, which suggested keeping a record of gun incidents and making each one available through the school district’s website, more school police, including K-9’s, also made the list, as well as improving security cameras and secure access points.

As part of the immediate changes, students may be required to wear student ID’s on breakaway lanyards.

“So, if the badges are already in place. I think it’s important to use them,” said parent Jennifer Robertson.

She is a parent of five and believes more resources need to be allocated for mental health.

“More access to the school psychologist. I think it’s vital in reaching the kids who need it.” 

The committee recommended more counselors. It didn’t make Dr. Jara’s top 10 but he says he’s working on it.

“Thats part of my legislative platform. Not mine. The board’s legislative platform to really look at having more adults on campus,” he said.

Dr. Jara says he’s not ignoring the recommendations that didn’t make his top 10. They just require more work, research, and funding.

If you would like to read the complete list of suggestions, click here.

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