LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Wednesday marked the first day back to school for CCSD students and employees following a five-day pause.

Parent Karl Maisner reported no issues Wednesday morning while dropping his son off at school. He told 8 News Now that while his 7-year-old was excited to get back to class, he is concerned about another five-day pause in the future.

“I certainly hope it doesn’t happen a lot. It is a disruption, not just to us as the parents and having to find childcare, but I think it really weighs on him not having that regular routine and even with the five days, he was starting to get a little antsy it seems,” Maisner said.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Monica Cortez said the five-day pause allowed school staff to recover from school shortages and mitigate COVID cases in order to safely keep schools open in person.

“I really believe if we keep moving forward cautiously, looking at our indicators that we’ve been looking at and keeping the communication lines open with our staff, we’ll be moving in the right direction to continue in-person learning,” Dr. Cortez said.

Mother of three Sonia Petkewich told 8 News Now that her kids’ school has been very vocal about any changes moving forward.

“You know the school that my kids attend, if they felt they weren’t prepared to have them back, they would let us know,” Petkewich said. “My kids can communicate with me via email and let me know if I need to come get them. I have to trust in what’s happening at the schools.”