LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Over 300,000 Clark County School students will not return to the classroom until Wednesday, Jan. 19 following the temporary cancellation of classes.

The reason behind the sudden announcement is the rise in COVID cases and CCSD staff shortages, the district said.

A school board meeting was held on Thursday, Jan. 13 in which school board trustees allocated $66M to pay employees a pandemic retention bonus of $2,000.

At Thursday evening’s meeting board members reminded parents that the five-day pause is only temporary.

“Our goal is to stay open and not to shift to distance education. I know a lot of families are worried that this is a sign. But we are committed to trying to stay open,” said Lola Brooks, CCSD Trustee.

CCSD teachers are still required to work from home during the five-day pause, classes resume for students and staff on Wednesday, Jan 19.