LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County School District students returned to the classroom Wednesday with concerns over COVID-19 still present.

Several teachers and parents said they had mixed feelings about returning with the current surge in cases, but emphasized they do not want to return to remote learning.

Kristan Nigro teaches kindergarden at Steve Shore Elementary, but couldn’t return today because of a positive COVID test. “What i do know from what i’m hearing out in the grapevine is that there are a ton of schools that are missing a ton of staff,” Negro said. “And it’s a complete skeleton crew today.”

She became aware of several teachers not going back to the classroom yet through a support CCSD page where educators talk with one another. “In our school alone, i think i counted like 13 absences today, which is like outrageous,” Negro said. “We have so many people covering. We have a counselor covering a kindergarten position today like it’s just really crazy.”

Her biggest concern right now is students and other teachers getting sick and having to return to online learning.

Brian Almero has a daughter in second grade, “I do believe the in-person class is way. Better than doing it online.”

Isella Stellato, a middle school algebra teacher at Lied STEM Academy says more than ever, her students need hands-on learning. “We already did the the distance education … If we were to switch that tomorrow we would be prepared.”