LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A local high school student is calling for change after he said he has been discriminated against for starting a ‘Students for Life’ club on a CCSD campus. 

“It’s been incredibly stressful for me,” Felipa Avila told 8 News Now. 

Avila described Thursday, what he called a difficult few years at East Career & Technical Academy. 

“Oftentimes, I just couldn’t believe that this was happening,” Avila recalled. “There have been anonymous accounts that have issued threats, that have called for my suicide.”

He told 8 News Now he reached out to the school’s administration for help multiple times, to no avail, so he decided to take legal action, with help from Thomas Moore Society. 

“I tried as much as I could to give screenshots,” Avila explained, referencing instances of cyberbullying “To give as much information to hold these students accountable.”

Attorneys with O’Mara Law Firm, PC sent a letter to the school and CCSD leaders Wednesday, claiming East Career & Technical Academy is discriminating against Avila and breaching his First Amendment rights, in violation of federal law. 

“What I want from the school district,” Avila said. “Is to respect the constitutional rights of students like me.”

Felipe said he hopes to see future change, but adds that he didn’t just make this move for himself. 
He told 8 News Now he hopes to help others find their voice in the future. 

“I think it’s so important that students, regardless of whether they are left-leaning, pro-choice, pro-life,” Avila concluded. “They have a right to speak.”

8 News Now reached out to CCSD regarding this case, and a representative said, ‘the district is reviewing the letter submitted.

For a look at the letter sent to East Career & Technical Academy, the document is attached below.