LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Clark County School District has released a package of statistics and updates in advance of Thursday’s school board meeting, where members will discuss students’ return to classrooms.

The 20-page document outlines measurements to watch and problems that have grown during the pandemic.

Indicators for social-emotional well being reveal that suicide protocols have been enacted 30 times in the district.

The school district has set up Lifeline Pilot programs at 12 schools on a voluntary basis to help students.

Current COVID-19data in Clark County shows CCSD at “highest risk of transmission in schools” levels for three separate areas. The numbers are far above even “moderate” risk levels (in parentheses):

  • 955.2: Number of cases per 100,00 persons within the last 14 days (20 to less than 50)
  • 22.9%: Percentage of RT-PCR tests that are positive during the last 14 days (5% to 8%)
  • 10.2%: Percentage change in new cases per 100,000 population (-5% to less than 0%)

The document also shows a 90% rise in the number of F grades given out over the past year. Notably, about 11% of students who received an F in the fall of 2020 earned all As and Bs in the fall of 2019.

The impact of distance learning has been greatest on minorities, according to CCSD statistics that show nearly half of Black students receiving at least one F on their latest report card. About 45% of Hispanic students and Native American students got at least one F.

White and Asian students were affected the least, according to the grading statistics.

One recommendation included in the document advises voluntary participation in social-emotional support and intervention, and academic conferences including interventions and small-group instructions. The recommendations emphasize the voluntary participation of students, parents and staff.