LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — While most kids are coming home from their second day of school, some parents have just been trying to get their kids in school. 

The school district has made changes to the shared housing process, through which proof of residence is verified. Many families are just finding out about this.  

Parents said it was frustrating leaving the Education Services building, with everything from waiting in long lines, to providing certified paperwork in order to get their child in school. 

“It’s really stressful because she could’ve been in school since yesterday,” said Monica Felix. 

 She has been trying to get her child in school for over a week. 

“They asked me for all these things,” said Felix, “They asked me to email CCSD, which I did. I never got a response.” 

She’s not the only one who has been frustrated. Breyanna Hall has also had trouble getting her child enrolled. 

“The frustrations are they had us pre-register these students for school, and then we still have to turn around and go up to the school. Students’ schedules are not ready. Then they want us to bring in these forms yet again,” said Hall.   

Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara said the school district warned families. 

“Parents always wait to register or come in, and there was a change in process. We’ve centralized it and we’ve been communicating,” said Dr. Jara. 

He said there was a change for verification purposes and parents should be patient. 

“There’s going to be some delays and bottleneck, but we are deploying staff there as well to make sure that we expedite and get our kids in front of our educators and in the right schools and in their classrooms,” Dr. Jara said. 

Some parents claimed the process was changed without any notification, and are upset as their child is missing school. 

“It’s been two days, this is going to be day three tomorrow because I’m still not done with the process,” said Hall.  

To ensure your child can attend school through the shared housing program, parents must show notarized proof of address, the child’s immunization records, and a birth certificate and proof of identification.  

For more information, visit the shared housing website.