CCSD senior starts online petition advocating for semester-based schedule

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BOULDER CITY, Nev. (KLAS) — Some Clark County School District students disagree with trustees approving a traditional yearlong approach for high schools, instead of making things semester based. 

Boulder City High School senior Gracie Wallace started a petition last week. It has less than 200 signatures so far, but she wants a semester based schedule for CCSD high schools rather than the option trustees approved on Tuesday. 

“I just really wanted them to know what other people think about it,” Wallace said. “I certainly hope it’s making a difference and showing people a different perspective.”

“When I saw it was going to be traditional year round courses, I was immediately, I felt deflated,” Wallace continued. “I just felt like oh my gosh, it’s going to be the longest year of my life.”

She says she is stressing now about keeping up with six to eight courses online, instead of taking four yearlong courses a semester.

“It just makes sense that like you just have to survive for one semester and then that class is over,” Wallace said.

Some CCSD educators disagree with Wallace’s position. Their considerations include the International Baccalaureate Program and students taking AP classes. 

Educators add the traditional schedule may help when high school campuses reopen.

“They need to have that information all year long to help them retain the information.,” said Kit Ritzer — choir director at Green Valley High School.

“To me this seems to be the option that provides the easiest way to pivot from online to school based instruction,” said Tam Larnerd, Spring Valley High School principal.

But Wallace argues it prevents some seniors finishing early.

“On the semester based courses I was set to graduate in December and I know a lot of other student were too,” Wallace said.

Full-time distance education at all CCSD schools begins August 24. While all high schools are traditional yearlong with discretion, trustees decided all middle schools will be semester based. 

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