LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The Clark County School District school board has approved paying out one of the largest settlements in the district’s history.

The approval of a settlement amount of $5.45 million happened on Thursday as the school board met and voted 6 to 0.

At the center of the settlement is JJ Wahrer who was a non-verbal six-year-old student with autism at the time that he was hit with a stick by his teacher Melody Carter in 2018.

Thursday’s vote by the board was part of a consent agenda at the meeting.

Clark County School District Police arrested Carter at Harmon Elementary School after an aide accused her of hitting the child.

A classroom aide told police she saw Carter hit JJ about five times for taking his shoes off and only stopped after the last swing broke the stick.

JJ’s parents removed him from the elementary school after the incident.  Carter’s original charge of felony abuse was downgraded to disorderly conduct in July 2018.