CCSD says pool of 5,000 substitute teachers puts rumor of shortage to rest

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Does the Clark County School District have a substitute teacher shortage? That’s the question numerous parents and educators have been asking lately.  

But according to CCSD,  on any given day, it has 1,800 positions that need to be filled.  

“It seems to be pretty comparable from year to year that we maintain about a pool of 5,000 or more,” said Kimberly Daniels, the director of Substitute Services for CCSD.

The district says the numbers speak for themselves, so they want to put the rumors of a shortage to rest.

Daniels says the school district has more than enough substitutes if a teacher were to call in sick.

“They put in a request for a substitute and then the system will go out into a call out and contact all of the individuals that are in our system,” Daniels said.

So what sparked the big speculation of a shortage?

“I think there’s a perception that there’s a shortage because we only require substitutes to teach four times per month, so it’s up to the individual how many jobs they will take,” Daniels said.

CCSD says if no substitute can be found, it’s up to the school to decide how to handle that situation.  The Clark County Education Association says it sometimes involves shuffling things around.

“They can split the class up and so if I were a second-grade teacher, and one of our colleagues was out, we would each take four or five, whatever it needed to be,” said Vikki Courtney, the president of the Clark County Education Association.

CCSD says it accepts substitute teacher applications year round, and are always looking for those willing to help.

“If you’re interested in working with kids, if you have a great attitude, and you’re reliable, we would love to have you,” Daniels said.

CCSD holds five to 10 recruitment fairs per month.  There’s one coming up next week at Meadows Mall.

Recruitment Fair at Meadows Mall:
Wednesday, October 24
11 a.m.-1 p.m.

To learn how to apply for a substitute teaching position go here.

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