LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Two students were taken into custody Monday after a gun was found on the campus of West Preparatory Academy. During the incident, the school was placed on lockdown but according to principal Yolanda Brown, there were no threats to the school.

Brown sent a letter to parents to inform them that the gun was found by CCSD Police as they conducted a search after investigating a report of a weapon on campus. The school is located at 2050 Sapphire Store Avenue and serves Pre-K through 12th graders.

Brown wrote the “safety of our students is the number one priority.” She said after the lockdown was lifted students returned to regular instruction.

Brown said the incident serves as a reminder to parents and students to look out for each other and report any suspicious activity.

But after the incident, some parents are expressing frustration with communication.

Parents say they didn’t know anything was happening until the principal’s message that it was over.

One parent said there have been too many problems at the school, from fights to guns.

“There is no plan in place,” said a parent who wouldn’t go on camera. “We need to fix it. We need to fix it. We as parents … we want answers.”

The letter from the principal also asked parents to discuss reporting issues that could be of concern.

Some parents say more security is needed — possibly even metal detectors.