LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — CCSD police are cracking down on drivers speeding through school zones as summer school sessions started across the valley.

Nearly 100 children were hit by speeding vehicles within school zones in the last nine months, according to the Clark County School District Police Department.

Thursday, 8 News Now spent the day with CCSDPD, during which they wrote nearly 15 citations for speeding outside Cadwallader Middle School right after the bell rang. The highest speeding offense was 42 mph which doesn’t even beat the highest speeder who went 65 mph in a school zone earlier in the week.

Speeding is not the only thing drivers need to be aware of in school zones. You are also not allowed to do U-turns within a school or pass another vehicle.

School is still in session at some schools until the end of July. If you see the flashing school zone signs slow down because in Nevada fines double in school zones.