CCSD Police confiscates guns from people on school campuses during distance learning

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The students in the Clark County School District have been doing distance learning since the start of the 2020/21 school year, but school police are still staying busy confiscating guns from school campuses.

Clark County School Police say all of the gun cases so far this school year involve only adults who are on the schools’ campuses at night.

“We’ve reallocated some of our day time officers on to our off shifts,” said Sgt. Bryan Zink, the public information officer for CCSDPD. “So we have more officers working swings and graves. Our officers are coming in contact more with persons on our CCSD properties after hours that shouldn’t be there.”

All of the incidents happened during officers’ nightly property checks.

“They come in contact with vehicles that have been parked on our campuses that shouldn’t have been there,” Sgt. Zink said. “[A] basic traffic stop is initiated, and then the officers discover through basic police work that there are persons in possession of firearms on school district property which is against the law.”

CCSDPD calls them trespassers, and some are breaking a big law. The confiscation firearms report shows school police finding five guns on CCSD properties this month.

The guns were taken from people at three different schools. CCSD Police also confiscated two guns from traffic stops.

The most recent arrests happened last week at Desert Pines High School, involving three people in a car before 10 p.m.

“All three people were armed on school district property, where they shouldn’t have been with something they shouldn’t have had,” Sgt. Zink said.

None of the cases involve employees of CCSD.

As to why some adults may being hanging around schools at night, Sgt Zink said, “I just think maybe during this time of COVID, there’s not a lot of places for people to go, especially late at night.”

All of the confiscated guns were turned over to Metro Police and the ATF Task Force. The team evaluated the guns in a lab to see if they’re involved in other crimes locally or nationally.

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