LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Clark County School District police chief responded to a request to review its use of force policy and protocols on Wednesday.

The response comes days after an incident involving an apparent takedown of a student by CCSD police near Durango High School.

In the response, Mike Blackeye CCSD police chief stated that the first item on the department’s agenda will be to review its policy and protocols.

The CCSD police chief’s full statement is provided below.

As Clark County School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara has requested, we are reviewing the Department’s Use of Force Policy and protocols. 

In addition to that work, the Department is in the process of organizing diverse community members to interface and inform school police through regular meetings to share perspectives, ideas, and results through constructive dialogue about student and staff safety on our campuses and in our facilities.

The primary goal of the committee will be to inform and provide feedback to solve issues and concerns collectively while also providing committee members a better understanding of the operations and functions of the Department. The first agenda item will be their review of the Use of Force policy and protocols.

The investigation into the incident that occurred six days ago continues, and the officer involved has been assigned to other duties until the investigation is concluded. A complete and thorough investigation in accordance with the law, policy, and collective bargaining agreements must occur. Anything less would be a disservice to all parties involved. At the conclusion, any information related to the outcome of the investigation will be released in accordance with the law, policy, and collective bargaining agreements.

Mike Blackeye, CCSD police chief

The incident was captured on video on Thursday after CCSD police responded to a possible shooting call, but instead found a group of teenagers walking near a strip mall, according to 8 News Now sources.

In the video, a group of teenagers appeared to be recording the officers while they were dealing with another teenager, however, that is when things apparently escalated.

The video also appeared to show an officer walking toward a student wearing a hoodie, placing him in a chokehold, and then throwing him down on the ground. The video appears to show the officer placing his knee on the student’s back.

While having his knee on the student’s back, the video shows the officer apparently pushing another student away from him saying, “Back the f— up, back the f— up.”

That student told 8 News Now that he and his friends were walking to Durango High School from a shopping center around the corner to go to track practice. That is when police approached them, the student said.

The student also told 8 News Now that he was not arrested and went to the hospital after the incident.

On Monday, Dr. Jara CCSD superintendent addressed the incident for a second time requesting school police review the use of force policy.