LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Classes have been cancelled at CCSD for two days amid the spread of COVID-19. The announcement has many parents frustrated, concerned, and on the hunt for someone to take care of their children.

Local child care center workers tell 8 News Now their phones won’t stop ringing.

Danielle Willard is a mother of three and was at work Tuesday when she found out about the 5 day pause. “Right now, it’s just trying to figure out how we can all be parents and go back to being kind of be full time parents with kids at home versus figuring out how to be a full time employee and manage your business,” Willard said.

Willard does not mix words when she talks about the decision to cancel classes, even for two days, “I think the approach they’re taking is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t think it’s gonna be beneficial at all.”

Willard is concerned about what comes next after the pause, “I’ve already over heard other people in my office talking about how they are going to have to take Friday and Tuesday off because there’s just no childcare.”

Danielle Strong runs the Strong Family Daycare. “Everybody is trying to look for somewhere to take their kids last minute,” Strong said. “If any daycares are like mine we’re full. There’s no way we can take new students.”

“You know, i think it’s going to get worse a lot worse before it gets better,” Strong added. “And i’m not quite sure how they’re going to handle that. If pausing isn’t going to work all the time.”

Some parents also concerned about food since many schools provide breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner. CEO and founder of Project 4 Humanity Shawna Gonzalez wants to help. “A main concern is keeping our students nourished through learning,” Gonzalez said. “So we’re partnering with some restaurants here in Las Vegas that are going to offer us some meals that we can hand out to the students in a drive through manner.”

Gonzalez encourages parents to be on the look out as they will be providing meals for students through Thursday and then again next week. CCSD will be doing the same and told 8 News Now students will be provided with the opportunity to take home additional school meals Thursday.