LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A group of parents called the police and tracked a school bus after they claimed the driver was speeding and driving erratically.

Aisha Butler is one of the few parents who pulled their child off a CCSD school bus on Monday after they felt the driver was unsafe. 

“The bus sped past me and had to be going 60 miles an hour,” Butler said. “Light turns yellow as we are there and then the light turns red and the bus barrels through the red light!”

The parents said that their kids were late coming home from Bonner Elementary school and that the bus tracking app could not locate them.

Butler said her granddaughter was on board when she called her.

“She calls my phone and says nana, he looks like he is about to get on the freeway. The bus driver is going the wrong way. Where is he going?” Butler said.

In video footage sent by an 8 News Now viewer, a Metro Officer is seen talking to the bus driver while parents take their kids off of the bus.

In a second video, the officer is seen leaving the bus when one of the guardians asks if anyone is going to follow the driver. The officer told the guardian that no one was going to follow him and that he was “doing his job,” and allowed him to proceed to his next stop.

Less than two weeks ago, Clark County School District reported two separate incidents of attacks on bus drivers.

The first incident happened on Aug. 17 near Boulder Highway and Russell Road. The second happened the following morning near Tonopah Highway and Vegas Drive.

Parents like Mark Daffron say they do not agree with the violence but simply want to be diligent about safety.

“We wanted to make sure that he wasn’t going to continue on his way with the 20 remaining children whose parents were worried sick,” said Daffron.

8 News Now reached out to CCSD about this incident on Monday, but haven’t heard back and according to the parents, the same bus driver was on the same route again Tuesday.