LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Sixteeen of Nevada’s 17 school districts, and all charter schools, have submitted a distance learning plan to the state. Clark County School District has not, according to a news releases from Governor Steve Sisolak’s office.

In the meantime, the Clark County School Board of Trustees is holding a meeting where distance learning is being discussed.

CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara said the district is doing the best it can to institute distance learning, however there are major issues because 120,000 of the district’s 320,000 students don’t have access to online learning.

“That will create more inequities for our children,” he said.

Gov. Sisolak issued the emergency directive Friday requesting the districts create plans and submit them to the Nevada State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jhone Ebert “regardless of their (student) means, access to technology, or at-home support,”

According to the Governor’s news release:

“By having plans approved, schools will continue to receive payments from the State Distributive School Account and will not have to adjust the school calendar to make up for the missed time.”

Gov. Steve Sisolak news release

Sisolak did work with the Office of the Attorney General to ensure that emergency plans could be approved by the CCSD board chair and superintendent, CCSD elected to consult its board, which is happening this morning.

CCSD has posted information in its website to help guide parents and students in online learning.