LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Concerns continue to linger over a video that showed a Clark County School District Police officer using force on a teenager near Durango High School.

CCSD confirms to 8 News Now that the officer involved in Thursday’s incident has been reassigned to other duties during its investigation.

Kamilah Bywaters of the Las Vegas Alliance of Black School Educators (LVABSE) told 8 News Now the video of the police officer throwing the student to the ground is disturbing and the officer needs to be fired.

“We definitely want this police officer to be terminated. Not reassigned. We want him terminated,” Bywaters, who is president of LVABSE, said.

Bywaters said the video highlights deeper, systemic issues within the district.

“Black students are continued to be over-represented in policing incidents and also disciplined within our school district,” Bywaters said.

CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara issued a statement Monday, calling for a review of the police department’s use of force policy and protocols. He adds that the relationship between officers and students must be one of mutual respect. Anything less is unacceptable.

CCSD’s use of force policy:

On Thursday, school police were responding to reports of a firearm near Durango High School when they encountered a group of students.

The student involved in that incident told 8 News Now he was walking from a shopping area to track practice.

The video shows the officer grabbing the teen from the back, putting his hands around the teen’s neck, and taking him to the ground. He then placed his knee on the student’s back.

The student previously told 8 News Now he went to the hospital that night.

CCSD police are investigating the matter, and in a statement, said they will review what happened before, during, and after the recording.

Bywaters added that the incident can be triggering for black kids in light of recent killings by police of black men. This includes Tyre Nichols and George Floyd.

“That is a trauma that students are bringing with them to schools, so when you see police officers, and maybe with the heavy presence on campuses, that right there in and of itself, brings negative experience to our students,” Bywaters added.

According to sources, the officer involved in Thursday’s incident has several past complaints in his file.