LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County School District is working to improve safety at local schools, including adding more police officers to campuses.

CCSD police are launching a “middle school division” which means three new CCSD police officers will be assigned to middle schools. Lieutenant Bryan Zink said plans call for having nine dedicated middle school officers, three in each region of the valley.

Zink said the officers will still respond to other emergency calls, but the focus is day-to-day duties at their assigned middle schools

“The statistics we’ll be looking at as we determine which schools would benefit best from having this program are going to be those schools where we have a large amount of fights, a large amount of kids truant from school, schools where weapons are confiscated or other contraband that we don’t want to see at a middle school.”

The officers will also teach a program called LEADS, or Law Enforcement Against Drugs. Lt. Zink said the officers must undergo orientation and field training. The officers will be assigned later this year or early next year.