LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The turmoil between Dr. Jesus Jara and the Clark County School District Board of Trustees is adding to a list of problems. Teachers say it’s leading to low morale.

It’s all on top of problems during the pandemic, a lack of resources for educators and major burnout.

A teacher we spoke to says it’s piling on, and something needs to be done.

“I’m to the point now where I’m so burned out that I don’t care if I’m here or not,” said teacher Jami Anderson.

Teachers say the problems in CCSD are coming to a head.

Anderson is getting ready to leave after six years of teaching in the district.

“The district is going to lose a lot of good teachers if they can’t figure out how to fix this,” she said. “Because this situation is absolutely treacherous at this point.”

Anderson said demands have increased tremendously, leaving teachers overwhelmed.

Much of this comes from vacancies stretching teachers between classrooms, a lack of health insurance, teachers having to learn a new grading policy and a lack of support.

Anderson said the turmoil between Jara and trustees is taking away from addressing those issues.

“It just feels like, again, one thing on top of another. At this point now it feels like any district would be better than being in CCSD,” Anderson said.

“I don’t want to leave my career of teaching, but I do want to leave CCSD,” she said.

In order to keep staff, Anderson said the district needs to offer more emotional support.

“I think the thing I’ve seen across the board, that teachers just want, is more recognition for the hard work that we’re putting in after everything we’ve gone through over the past two years. And then number two, more supports in place for those teachers,” Anderson said.

This week, Board of Trustees President Linda Cavazos said she wants the discussions tonight to be civil. She hopes board members can look at this as a learning experience, and find a way to move forward.