LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Clark County School District is investigating an incident after a video apparently capturing a dramatic takedown of a student by a CCSD police officer surfaced.

The incident happened Thursday by Durango High School near Rainbow Boulevard and Russell Road. According to 8 News Now sources, CCSD police were responding to a possible shooting call, but instead found a group of teenagers walking near a Strip Mall.

In the video, a group of teenagers appear to be recording the officers while they are dealing with another teenager, however, that is when things apparently escalated.

The video appears to show an officer walking toward a student wearing a hoodie, placing him in a chokehold, and then throwing him down on the ground. The video shows the officer then appearing to place his knee on the student’s back.

While having his knee on the student’s back, the video shows the officer apparently pushing another student away from him saying, “Back the f— up, back the f— up.”

That student told 8 News Now that he and his friends were walking to Durango High School from a shopping center around the corner to go to track practice. That is when they were approached by police.

The student also told 8 News Now that he was not arrested and went to the hospital after the incident.

Matthew Caldwell is the president of the CCSD Police Officer’s Association and said that the department will review all video footage including body cam and cell phone. They will also interview all witnesses from students to police officers.

“I simply don’t know everything that’s happened. There’s a lot of other information out there and when it all comes through, it will be all reviewed, and if his actions are inappropriate, he will be held accountable for it. It’s really just quite that simple,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell also said that the public should be patient before rushing to conclusions.

“You have to be patient and you have to trust the process and it’s hard to trust the process if you do not understand how it works,” said Caldwell. “But I can tell you from our perspective at my police department if there is an allegation of misconduct it’s taken very seriously,”

The parents of the student involved in the incident told 8 News Now that they are not going to comment and are consulting with an attorney.

CCSD has declined to name the officer involved in the incident or his employment status.

CCSD Superintendent, Dr. Jesus Jara released a statement regarding the incident Friday afternoon.

“Upon viewing the video involving school police and juveniles near a CCSD campus, we are concerned with how one of our students was treated. As with any situation, an investigation will occur to understand all the facts and hold people accountable for their actions.

The relationship between our students and school police is extremely important to each school community. The partnership between our students and school police is paramount to school safety and cultivating future relationships.”

The CCSDPD also released a statement Friday afternoon saying:

“The Clark County School District Police Department is aware of an incident that was recorded involving one of our officers and a juvenile. The incident stemmed from an investigation regarding the report of a firearm near one of our schools. 

We have initiated an investigation, the department will review all aspects of the interaction, including what transpired before, during, and after the recording.

As this matter is under investigation, we are unable to provide any further details at this time.  This matter is being taken seriously, as are all interactions between our officers and members of the public who we serve.”