CCSD dean estimates he’ll have $12K pay cut following elimination of 170 positions

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A dean within the Clark County School District estimates that he will receive $12,00 pay cut should he decide to take Supt. Dr. Jesus Jara up on his offer and teach again. 

After Jara made the announcement to cut the 170 high school and middle school deans positions to fill a $17 million budget hole, the superintendent also said that the deans would not be losing their jobs because there are other opportunities for those employees to go back into the classroom. However, for many deans there’s just one problem — they’ll have to take a pay cut.

“What they told me was that I was going to get a $12,000 cut in pay a year, which is $500 a check,” said Jason Bidwell, dean at Greenspun Middle School.

For Bidwell, that’s a substantial loss in income, and an adjustment he and his family will have to make after being used to making $79,000 in his administration role as a dean.  

“That’s a lot for me, but I think we’ll be able to figure it out,” Bidwell said. That’s a lot to adjust too.”

The money used from cutting the dean positions in middle and high schools will not only help pay for teacher raises, but it’ll also finance extra school safety.  According to Bidwell, he’s happy teachers are getting a raise, but he is not pleased with Supt. Jara’s delivery of the news.

“The teachers deserve a raise. In fact, I’m probably going to be a teacher; we deserve a raise,” Bidwell said.  “But how Dr. Jara made the sudden announcement, via a video message remains frustrating.  As far as a professional or personal choice, the problem lies in that it wasn’t a professional or personal choice and all of these unknowns.”

Many deans, much like Bidwell, are still seeking answers from the school district regarding pay, insurance, and vacation. Bidwell has nearly 100 vacation days. 

“In the past and hopefully still, if you transition from administrator to a teacher just because you wanted to go back to teaching, they would buy out your vacation days because teachers don’t have those,” Bidwell said. 

According to the Clark County Association of School Administrators and Professional Technical Employees, the deans will receive their final paycheck on July 25.  That check will include vacation days, but CCSD will only pay up to a max of 85 days.

Then dean positions in Clark County, include school safety.  Bidwell says he and other deans agree the discipline model needs to change, but he disklike the superintendent’s approch.

“It’s just how it happened. And just kind of ripping it out; ripping the band-aid off.  We’d love to have been involved in the discussions of what would work and what wouldn’t,” said Bidwell.

For Bidwell, since his dean position is being eliminated, teaching may be his only option.

“I think right now it’s my only option,” Bidwell said.  “With eight weeks until school starts, unless something falls from the sky, that’s what I have to do.” 

Bidwell says he enjoys the classroom and wishes to find a Spanish teaching position.

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