CCSD schools hold count day to get enrollment numbers

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Friday was the official count day for the Clark County School District which is significant when it comes to how money is funneled to each school. All schools are required to participate in count day so that enrollment numbers can be reported to the district.

Each student translates into funding, and this becomes the basis for budgets the rest of the school year. The final number of students is used by the district to allocate budgets to the individual schools and it can impact school staffing.

“This is really an internal piece for us to properly do the strategic budgets and give schools the staffing that they need and the opportunity to make any adjustments that they need to in order to go through the rest of the school year. From the district perspective, we’re funded differently as a district overall, so there is a distinction to be made,” said Greg Manzi, director of student record services, CCSD.

8 News NOW attended Squires Elementary School’s count day. According to the principal, attendance remains a top priority year round, but staff focus on it a lot earlier, before classes even start, to make sure students in the zone are enrolled.

“Attendance is a constant concern, especially in at risk communities like Squires,” said Barry Bosacker, principal of Squires Elementary School. “We have to do a lot to incentavize giving our families to ensure our students are here every single day.”

Incentives include rewarding students for a perfect attendance each month. Squires elementary also gives gifts and thank you notes to parents, the people primarily responsible for getting young students to school.

Principal Bosacker says his count is higher than projected at nearly 750 students this year. That translates into extra funding for his campus, along with money, Bosacker adds the day helps determine the future needs for his school.

“It’s how we make a lot of decisions about staffing our campus,” Bosacker said. “Getting the supplies and resources students need to ensure we have a really successful and increase our student achievement.”

Count day looks at the total number of students enrolled, registered and in a classroom since the first day of school. If a student enrolls after, Bosacker says schools don’t get money for that student. But in the end, he says it all balances out.

“There is a lot of transiency in our district however, so I also have students who are here today that a month from now may transfer out to another school,” Bosacker said.

This process has been going on for the last four years within the school district, but it is no longer required on the state level.

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