LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The first week of school is underway for CCSD schools, but as teacher positions remain open administrators and substitute teachers are scrambling to take on the job.

As CCSD continues to deal with a teacher shortage that left more than 13,000 vacancies, parents and students are starting to feel the fallout during the first week of school.

“They just kind of sat in the classroom and handed out papers,” said parent Karina Osorio.

Osorio says that there was no welcome letter sent home from her son’s new fifth-grade teacher because he did not have one.

“It just makes me feel scared and sad. I feel like he’s not going to get the best education,” said Osorio.

The school district reported about 11,000 substitutes on the first day of school. Administrators had to fill the remaining open positions.

“It is concerning for parents because they want to make sure their child gets the best education,” said Marie Neisess from the Clark County Education Association.

Neisess says that the first day of school is challenging for any educator but for substitutes, it can be even harder.

“There are educators who support substitutes and try to help them out so that they’re prepared for the first day of school but ultimately everyone is busy,” Neisess said.

In the meantime, both the district and parents hope to fill open spots sooner than later.

“We’re just going to do everything we can,” said Brian Redmond, CCSD Director of Recruitment. “If they could do whatever they need to do to keep teachers at our schools because these kids are our future and it’s just horrible.”

CCSD says they are continuing to process more new teachers but they did not say how many and how long the process would take.

The 8 News Now I-Team requested a list of teacher vacancies for each CCSD school. The schools with the most vacancies are:

Cheyenne High School: 24

Desert Pines High School: 22

Chaparral High School: 17

Cashman Middle School: 17

Harney Middle School: 17

Martin Middle School: 17