LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County School District’s Charter School evaluation report has been released.

Odyssey Charter has met CCSD’s academic financial and organizational standards however other charter schools on the list, such as 100 Academy School of Engineering and Technology in North Las Vegas have not met any of the standards for the past five years.

Rainbow Dreams and the Delta Academy had very low ratings in the one or two-star range as well.

In the report, CCSD is working closely with these schools to assist in improving all areas of the charter school performance framework.

8 News Now spoke with parents at the lower starred schools who described what the ratings mean to them.

“The school is amazing, meeting the standards, I don’t know, but for my two kids that go here, they go above and beyond to make them meet the standards. These teachers here are more active with the kids and more into individual,” said Lovely Furlough.

Explore Knowledge Academy did very well meeting almost all of its standards within the past five years.

CCSD sponsors six charter schools across the Las Vegas valley and released the following statement:

“Charter schools are governed by their own boards responsible for setting policy and managing operations. Law prohibits the local district from interfering with charter operations. At the same time, the district is expected to ensure that the charter program is in compliance with state standards; follows the NRS; that tax dollars are properly accounted for; and that there are no threats in the school environment to the welfare and safety of students and staff.  The sponsoring district or state entity must submit a year-end report on each charter school’s progress in achieving its goals.”