LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — CCSD Board of Trustee President Linda Cavazos issued a statement a day after Trustee Lola Brooks said the Board was reconsidering Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara’s termination and would address this and Jara’s accusations of harassment from other members in the next board meeting.

In a statement Board of Trustee President Cavazos said she was surprised to learn Brooks had shared agenda items, “I am surprised that a trustee would share confidential agenda information that has not been publicly posted,” Cavazos said. “We are not allowed to do that.”

She further says that she approved the agenda item(s) for the Nov. 18 meeting.

Read Cavazos’s full statement below:

“I am surprised that a trustee would share confidential agenda infomration that has not been publicly posted. We are not allowed to do that. I did recieve a formal agenda request via email, not a letter. The request was preopley formateed, with three trustees requesting either a special meeting, or an agend item on the Nov. 18 board meeting agend Due to Veteran’s Day, and the upcoming NASB conference on that weekend, I approved the agenda item(s) for the Nov. 18 meeting. I was not notified by Trustee Cepeda or Board Counsel Mary Anne Miller today that anyone would be revealing information about a confindeital agend rquest that had not yet been posted to the public. I have not spoken to Trustee Cepeda about this, but I respect her judgement, and choose to believe that she will share her reasons for taking such an action. Finally, I am concerned that if a copy of this request has been made public in its entirety, that other confidential information involving legal issues will have been referred to or discolosed.”

President of Clark County School board of trustees Linda P. Cavazos

In the meantime, Dr. Jara has hired attoneys and 8 News Now obtained the letter his lawyer sent to the District on Friday, where he accused the Board of Trustees of breach of contract due to harassment, a hostile work environment and retaliation and is seeking to settle for $2M in addition to his contract pay out.

On Saturday, school board trustee Lola Brooks told 8 News Now that some trustees were having second thoughts about terminating Dr. Jara.

Brooks said there would be two new items at the next board meeting on Nov. 18. where they will discuss rescinding Jara’s termination and investigating potential harassment of Jara and other board members.

CCSD trustees voted 4-3 Thursday, Oct. 28, to terminate Jara’s contract and did not give a reason.

The District is expected to pay close to $1M on his contract, which ran until 2023.

Jara’s last day as superintendent is expected to be Dec. 1.