UPDATE 8:45 p.m.: Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara tweeted his thoughts after the CCSD Board of Trustees delayed the vote about transitioning to a hybrid learning plan.

They are as follows:

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Happening now, the Clark County School District Board of Trustees is considering a proposal to possibly bring students back on campus part-time beginning in January.

It’s a decision that is causing strong opinions on both sides of the matter. You can expect a robust discussion about the transition plan.

The district posted the 205-page document online Monday. Since then, CCSD staff and families have been scrolling through, and it’s causing mixed reactions.

“We have a lot of concerns,” said Carment Andrews CCSD teacher.

CCSD parent Renee Parker had a differing opinion, saying, “I think that this could work.”

Trustees plan to consider reopening campuses under a hybrid model. That’s when students attend classes in-person two days a week and distance education the other three.

The proposal also offers families the choice of full-time distance education.

“I like the idea of the, being able to get instruction two days a week,” said Parker.

She wants her two CCSD students in a classroom.

“I think it’s better for the kids,” Parker shared, but she understand the COVID risks. “I had it. It’s a terrible, terrible disease to have.”

But the cleaning protocols in the plan give her confidence about safety in buildings, even with the rise in positive cases in our community.

“They have a good plan,” Parker said.

Andrews pointed out distrust, “There’s a very big distrust that CCSD really can have the mitigating factors we would need to have to keep not just staff safe, but children safe on campus.”

Some question the implementation if trustees approve the recommendation. An elementary school principal notices the divine among families attending his school, who recently completed a survey.

“So, I have about 200 or 240 families that have chosen the hybrid model and about close to 200 that have chosen the online model,” said principal Laurance Derasmo.

The proposal suggests staff return to campuses on Dec. 1 and students in January.

Two unions released statements not in support of the timeline of reopening. The administrator’s union calls the plan “inadequate” and asks trustees to table the decision tonight. The Clark County Education Association wants a COVID testing program in place before supporting a reopening plan.