LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The Clark County School District Board of Trustees will discuss, and potentially vote on, a handful of controversial agenda items on Thursday.

First is the discussion and possible action on selecting an outside expert to investigate allegations of a hostile work environment.

In a letter exclusively obtained by 8 News Now, attorneys for Dr. Jesus Jara are accusing the Board of Trustees of harassment, retaliation, and a hostile work environment.

They also note the District owes Dr. Jara more than $2.6 million to end his contract.

The next two agenda items could lead to a revote on the termination of Dr. Jara. On Oct. 28, the CCSD Board of Trustees voted 4-3 to fire Jara. 

Now, Board of Trustees Vice President Irene Cepeda, who originally voted yes to terminating Jara’s contract, is reconsidering her decision.

“The agenda item was requested by Trustee Cepeda, and, this is public information, the other two trustees were Trustee Evelyn Garcia Morales and Trustee (Lola) Brooks,” said Linda Cavazos, president of the board, during a press conference last week. 

During the upcoming board meeting, two separate votes will take place.

First, the trustees will hold a vote to bring the agenda item back. If that passes, trustees will move forward with the vote on whether or not Jara will keep his position as superintendent.

The last major agenda item will discuss or vote on a process or appointment for an interim superintendent.

During the November 4th school board meeting, the trustees did not move forward with a plan for an interim superintendent. 

The board did discuss requiring a letter of interest and a resume for applicants applying for the role of interim superintendent. 

The person selected as interim will not be allowed to seek the permanent position as superintendent.

The next Clark County School District Board of Trustees meeting will be held Thursday, Nov.18, at 5 pm.