Some CCSD schools begin computer distribution to students

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County Schools are attempting to bridge the digital divide. The district approved the distribution of computers to students, and some schools started scheduling the handout this week.

The effort aims to help students, especially seniors, with a chance to learn again.

“I appreciate it because at least they’re showing us that they care about our education,” said Clark High School senior Bronson Ramos Eblacas.

Clark High School made Google Chromebooks available to students Tuesday, allowing Ramos Eblacas to access his education online. This was a recent barrier for him since schools closed.

“It’s been kind of scary,” revealed Ramos Eblacas, “Like, I was behind.”

Clark Principal Kerry Larnerd noted, “I would say we’re probably looking at about 60 kids who are extremely credit deficient, who if they don’t have devices, and they’re not taking some online classes, may not make it to graduation.”

Priority is given to seniors to keep them on track for graduation, but schools like Clark plan to make the Chromebooks available to students at all grade levels.

“I had over 100 students saying that they needed devices, grades 9-12. So, well, we’re just going to kind of see how it goes,” said Larnerd.

The principal estimated the school has less than 700 devices, not enough for the roughly 3,100 student body. The Chromebook comes with a charger and a paper listing free or reduced internet price resources.

It’s a new way of learning for a typical senior year.

“I thought I was just gonna have a regular high school experience,” expressed Ramos Eblacas.

Spring Valley High School did the first launch of the Chromebooks on Friday. Schools plan to notify parents when distribution events happen.

The district also sent a survey to families to find out who needs a computer or internet at home.

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