LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The Clark County School District Board of Trustees agreed to pay a $2 million settlement after a teacher was accused of abusing a child with disabilities.

This a case the 8 News Now investigators have followed over the years.

Cortney Larson sued CCSD, claiming her son who has autism came home from school with injuries.

At the time, the child was 3 years old and non-verbal.

Larson previously told the 8 News Now Investigators she received a call from Sandra Thompson Elementary School about allegations against teacher Melissa Olszewski who was eventually interviewed by school police.

OFFICER: “Have you ever flicked a student? towards the hand, toward the arm, fingers?”

Olszewski: “Yeah, I think that’s happening, might have, you know, I don’t remember flicking but I’d say tapping is what I do.”

This year alone, the Clark County School Board has approved millions of dollars in settlements, including $9 million back in March to the family of a child assaulted by a school bus driver.