Caught on Camera: Best Buy worker takes down thief

Local News

OAHU, Hawaii (CNN) — One woman in Hawaii knew she was violating company policy when she engaged with a thief at a Best Buy in Oahu. Her heroic action is now opening doors that could lead to a new career.

The worker confronted a shoplifter after saying she had seen him steal before. The suspected criminal tried to get away, and crashed through a barrier.

He grabbed the worker and took them both to the ground, but got up and left empty handed. It was all caught on camera.

She followed him outside and said he tried to apologize. She responded by asking him to leave and never come back.

The clip, which was posted online, has been viewed millions of times. It has sparked positive and negative reactions, and even some job offers.

The worker said she would have been fired for violating the company’s policy, but she had already put in her notice to resign before the incident.

The worker, who has experience playing several sports, including football and rugby, says she is talking to a team from the Women’s Football League Association, which plans to debut next year.

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