LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– In Las Vegas, inflation is affecting the community but some more than others. Working families now need to utilize community resources for additional help just to get by.

With inflation currently on the rise, more people are showing up to places, like Catholic Charities, to seek help.

“I just think it’s affecting everybody right now,” said Las Vegas resident Gyancarlo Parra, who comes from a single-income household. “It can get difficult so, yeah, everything is very very high right now.”

Parra is now forced to seek resources for help with essential needs.

“I’ve never had to get any type of assistance.  never thought I would but, I mean you gotta do what you gotta do right?” Parra said.

Getting help from food pantries like Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada can be a big help.

“The food pantry is probably where we see the highest impact.  because that’s really the first line that people hit particularly with inflation that’s hitting their pocketbooks with gas and food,” said Steve Schmitt, CEO of Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada.

Schmitt says getting assistance should not be some people are embarrassed about.

“We’re all in this community together.  you will probably come down and see families from your neighborhood in that line.  So there is no shame in it.” Schmitt said. “Because sometimes we all need just a little help.”

Parra said that it is not just affecting one individual but it is affecting everybody.

If you need assistance Catholic Charities encourages you to stop by their facility, no questions asked.

There are several other organizations in Las Vegas that offer services and food as well. Three Square has daily distribution locations that can be found here.