Catching up with the keeper of the 58 memorial crosses in honor of Vegas shooting victims

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Memorials in honor of the 58 victims in the mass shooting that occurred on Oct. 1 have become places for the community to gather and share their pain.

One of the biggest memorials beside the Healing Garden was at the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. It’s where one man took it upon himself to protect a line of 58 crosses; one for each of the victims.

Steve Round spent several weeks protecting thousands of items left at the memorial.  He says he even tried to protect people at times by directing traffic away from the crosses. 

Round his passion for protecting the crosses grew out of a much smaller memorial along Reno and Las Vegas Boulevard.

“For me, at first I didn’t realize the impact,” said Round. “I was just simply doing what I thought needed to be done.”

A median overflowing with tributes was one of the first memorials for the victims of the Route 91 Harvest Festival.  However, the outdoor element quickly took its toll
Jet blasts and wind storms scattered things several feet. 

“That went from keeping an eye on things to bringing a hammer and nails and putting them back together,” Round said. “Sometimes the crosses were in several pieces from where they’d been blown into the fence.” 

In late October, the memorial became part of the welcome sign, where the crosses were placed.  However, as it grew, Round said he remembers having to keep people from stealing items meant to honor the victims. 

“You see the best in humanity like you saw and heard about that night, you saw the best and the worst,” Round said. 

The Clark County Museum collected over 30,000 items from memorials around the valley. They’re part of the exhibit “How We Mourned” that is on display right now.

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