LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — After going missing from her Alabama home in 2021, a curious kitten made the nearly 2,000-mile trip to Nevada alone and was found in a neighborhood in North Las Vegas. That kitten is now making her way home.

Elizabeth McGloin has been caring for Raven but was unsure how to get her home.

“She is scared and wants to go home, I just don’t have the funds to get her there,” McGloin said.

Since 8 News Now first reported on Raven’s situation, viewers from Las Vegas and across the country stepped in to help.

Teresa Dechert is with Imagine Home, a nonprofit that ground transports cats across the country, and will be in charge of getting Raven home.

“When that story aired, 11 of our followers tagged us on it to see if we could help,” Dechert told 8 News Now. “I thought wow it’s going to take us two weeks to get her home, ‘can we do this?’ Was my first thought.”

However, dozens of emails were sent to 8 News Now’s newsroom with viewers wanting to donate to Raven’s trip back to Alabama.

Dechert said they usually drive the cats to their destination, however since Raven was so far from home, she will be boarding a plane to Alabama where her owner Tracey Cost will be eagerly waiting for her.

“I thought I was never going to find her again I thought she was gone forever,” Cost said.

Since Raven was on the road for nearly 2 years, she first needs to be seen by a vet to get updated vaccines and to take care of minor injuries.

The organization hopes Raven will be on a plane by the first week of March.