LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A couple staying at the Excalibur found a cat inside their hotel room on the strip, and they documented the whole thing on Tik Tok, which has generated more than one million views. 

Lindsey Sanders and her husband woke up at 4 a.m. on day three of their stay to a cat in their hotel room. 

“We are used to being woken up by our cats at our house. That’s like the run of the mill for us, but not expected when you are on a vacation,” Lindsey Sanders said. 

Sanders and her husband are both veterinarians and were in town for a conference when they made the four-legged discovery.

They quickly called security to their room, who gave them a very “Vegas” reaction. 

In the Tik Tok, one of the security officers is heard saying “Only In Vegas” when they got to Sanders’s hotel room.

“We didn’t know if he was a feral cat who somehow snuck into our room,” Sanders said. 

In the Tik Tok video, the cat was spooked by security and crawled into the bathroom sink cabinet, this spot is where he was likely hiding all along. 

The Sanders quickly realized the cat wasn’t a stray. His name was Tiger, a guest who had overstayed his welcome at the Excalibur, while his owner was anxious to find him. 

“There were some moments where I felt my soul was kind of cracking,” Shanice Williams, Tiger’s owner said. 

Just six days before the Sanders checked in, Williams and her 16-year-old cat Tiger were staying in the room while moving to Las Vegas from Reno. 

“I started feeding him his food and I started calling for him and he wouldn’t come out and I kind of went into panic mode,” Williams said. 

Williams tells us she thought Tiger had run out of the room, but even though she searched for him he was nowhere to be found. 

“I had no other choice but to kind of keep going, I did what I could as far as leaving information and a picture of Tiger,” Williams said. 

After Sanders found Tiger in the same room, security called Williams letting them know her cat was found. 

“I was just glad to not think of him starving somewhere,” Williams said. 

So how did the Sanders not notice they were sharing their room with an unexpected guest?

“There was pee on the side of our shower, and of course, I don’t assume there is an animal staying in our hotel, so I blamed my husband, but he was very adamant that he did not do that,” Sanders said. 

It is now safe to say that was most likely Tiger’s fault. 

The Sanders, being veterinarians, said Tiger did look a bit dehydrated but most likely drank from the toilet, it is something his owner says he does often.