LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The adventure for Raven the cat has ended as she is cozy in her Alabama home again. 

“I could not sleep. I’m just ready to get her back,” Tracy Cost said as she eagerly waited at Birmingham- Shuttlesworth International Airport. 

Cost was excited to see a family member she never thought she would see again. 

“Until we found out she was in Vegas, I had still been going out and calling for her,” Cost said. 

There was no way Raven could hear her calling because she was in Las Vegas after she jumped out of a car engine. 

Raven walked away from her Alabama home more than two years ago, but no one knows how she got to Las Vegas. 

“I wish Raven could talk so she could tell me what she’s been through and how she got to Vegas,” Cost said

As Cost waited, a pet chaperone came up to her with Raven 

“I missed you sweetheart,” Cost said to Raven. “I still cannot believe we got her back.”

Years of hope came true for Cost. 

Raven’s return home was made possible by a host of volunteers including a non-profit group called “Imagine Home.”

Two days after our original story on Raven aired, there were enough donations to buy Raven’s flight home. 

“This is wonderful, best day ever I cannot believe I’m holding her again, this is wonderful,” Cost said.