LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada’s casinos won more than a billion dollars in June, continuing a hot streak that started 16 months ago and setting a record for the highest 12-month total ever.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board reports that casinos won $1,277,068,155 in June, an 8% increase over June 2021.

The $1.2 billion win closed the books on the 2021-2022 fiscal year with a $14.6 billion total. The previous record, from 2007-2008, was $12.7 billion. Casinos passed that record through 11 months, hitting $13.3 billion in May.

The Las Vegas Strip was the star of the show, hauling in 57.5% of the state’s win and posting a 22.7% improvement over June 2021. It was slightly up from May’s win.

The gaming win on the Strip — $734.7 million, up 22.7% over last year — eclipsed numbers that slipped in downtown Las Vegas ($69.8 million), North Las Vegas ($22.5 million) and the Boulder Strip ($86 million).