LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– MJBizCon returns to Las Vegas for its first in-person conference in two years.

Over the last 18 months, the marijuana industry has made major strides across the U.S and here in Las Vegas

“The whole industry shifted digital,” Zach Lipson,  Co-founder, and CPO at dutchie, a fast-growing e-commerce solutions for cannabis said. “People have very big plans in this space, it’s very exciting, but you need technology that’s ready to grow with you.”

During the pandemic, dispensary sales went from partially online, to fully online. As a result, a big trend now is utilizing data and technology to reach customers.

“We’re going to provide you tools to get you through this. To allow you to be more efficient during the pandemic. Things like curbside pickup, we spun that out in a couple of weeks. It’s a great feature that we still have today,” Lipson added.

Assembly Bill 341 authorized pot consumption lounges, allowing locals and tourists to use the drug in a private setting other than a home.

The law establishes pot lounges as part of dispensaries or as free-standing businesses. Recreational marijuana has been legal in Nevada since 2017. The first pot lounge is not expected to open until 2022.

“The fact that you can buy cannabis and consume it on-site, and it’s going to be more akin to a bar than anything we’ve seen in this country and any other state has done,” Chris Walsh, CEO of MJBiz said.

Nearly a dozen new states have legalized marijuana in the past two years. Walsh says Nevada is now a leader in innovation by finding an effective way for social cannabis consumption.

“If we can turn this chapter and use this as a blueprint, this is going to lead to another evolution,” Walsh added.

MJBizCon marking its 10th anniversary and it continues through Friday afternoon.