LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — On Wednesday night, friends and family of Jorge Gomez came together for a candlelight vigil at Lorenzi Park. Gomez was shot and killed on June 1 during a Black Lives Matter protest on The Strip.

Police say they stopped to speak with him after the saw him carrying a gun, they then say he raised that weapon at them and that’s when they fired.

The officers are part of a team that doesn’t require body cameras and now the Gomez family and others want answers about what happened that night. 

“I don’t think as a mom I’m ever going to have closure no matter what happens because I’m never going to have him back until the day that I pass,” said Jeanne Llera — Gomez’s mother. “But as far as the community goes, I think justice needs to be served, I think accountability needs to happen and I think the police department needs to be transparent.”

The Gomez family also filed a federal lawsuit back in late August

The police department and the 4 officers involved are named.

The family says they want better training for police officers that deal with open carry situations.