Candidates for governor and US Senate do one last push to increase voter turnout

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Candidates for two hotly-contested seats in the midterm are among those racing to the finish line ahead of election day Tuesday.

For Steve Sisolak, the Democratic gubernatorial hopeful, the day before the election started bright and early as he rallied labor union members at the Raiders Stadium site.

Record midterm early voting turnout gives Democrats a 3-point edge statewide.

“It’s a tight race,” said Sisolak.  “I’m feeling energized today. We’re out meeting a lot of voters, trying to get people out to vote. It’s still a third of the vote is going to come in tomorrow, which is important to us. We’ve got to get out and get our share of that.” 

Sisolak’s fellow Democrat, United States Representative Jacky Rosen is confident as well.  While rallying campaign volunteers, she echoed confidence in the democratic party’s voter turnout so far.

“I feel fantastic because look, we’ve won in Democratic votes in Washoe County by nearly 2,000 (voters),” Rosen said. “They have a Republican voter registration edge that’s amazing.” 

But, Republicans are feeling good as well.  When it comes to active registered voters, Republicans trail Democrats by 6 percentage points.  The Democrat lead is half that after early voting.

“Most of our voters come out on election day,” said Michael McDonald, Nevada GOP chair.  “I’m one of those guys that vote on election day, so I’m — I’m confident; cautiously optimistic.” 

Before coming to Las Vegas for election day, Republican Senator Dean Heller spent the day working the phone banking in Reno.

“We’ve had over 4,000 people in the state going door-to-door and volunteering for our campaign here, and I think that’s going to make the difference at the end of the day.”

GOP gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt joined other Republican candidates in Henderson Monday to rally his base.

“We are going to fight for the Nevada that we all love,” Heller said.  “The Nevada that gives people opportunity.” 

Just over 24 hours from now, the candidates will see if their efforts paid off.

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