California has officially joined a multi-state agreement to sustain water levels at lake mead.

But despite the promise of progress, Lake Mead is still bracing for the worst and plans to move a marina further out into the water.

One of the marinas at Callville Bay at Lake Mead needs to be moved, but in order for that to happen, the power has to be shut off.

NV Energy crews de-energized the marinas Thursday to make a move possible.

“The marina that’s right down here, we call it Marina 3,” said Rod Taylor, the vice president of Forever Resorts.

Rod Taylor operates the marinas.  He says all of the action is in the face of water woes.

Water levels at Lake Mead have dropped drastically over the past several years.  And when the water recedes the edge of Callville Bay, where this marina is, gets too narrow.

“The main part of this is to make sure the boating public has access to the lake,” Taylor said. “We want to make sure our facilities are in place for them.”

The marina will be placed in between the other two.  The half-million dollar move illustrates how desperate the situation is.

“I just find it so sad that something so beautiful can be taken away, in years,” said Cheryl Huttner, Lake Mead visitor.

However, there is hope: California has joined the Colorado River Drought Management Plan — and under the plan, Arizona and Nevada would be the first to reduce their withdrawals from Lake Mead if a federal shortage is declared.

That means if the reservoir drops further, California would cut back.

It’s important to note that Nevada already uses less water than what the reduction would be.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority says “the ongoing coordination to finalize the drought contingency plan is important to helping stabilize the Colorado River and ensuring the water supply of 40 million Americans.”

While some progress has been made, the marina move is still going full-steam ahead.

“Bring the high power electric over to another location behind our store… and then we’ll run it down to the marina and feed all the marinas,” Taylor said.

The marinas will remain without power through March 28.