LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Caesars Entertainment is beefing up its security force with K-9s that can detect bombs and guns.

On Friday, the company welcomed a rescue dog to its K-9 Unit for the first time and held a graduation ceremony.

Since Caesars Entertainment’s security team began building its K-9 fleet in 2018, most of its dogs came from Europe. This time around, they stayed local.

Steve Martinez leads the canine program and said they worked with the Animal Foundation.

“Basically, our team members can come to work with peace of mind that they don’t have to worry about any incidents occurring on our property because our dogs are here to deter it and prevent it,” Martinez said. He’s the Senior Manager of the Special Response Team and Canine Program at Caesars Entertainment.

Their new K-9, Chase, is a three-year-old german shepherd who was found abandoned at a park in Summerlin.

Chase underwent 160 hours of training to sniff out guns that people may try to bring to one of their properties.

Justin Walker, a military veteran, is his handler.

“Once he sits, I give him a reward. And that would be kind of the indication that he’s alerted on something,” Walker said.

Caesars has nine K-9s that cover all its properties.

Some of them may be in a hotel or casino, while others work behind the scenes.

Eric Golebiewski has been with Caesars for 22 years, and he’s constantly evaluating ways to enhance safety.

“Safety has become top of mind for tourists, visitors, and our guests, and as that happened we knew we had to evolve and bring that into our program,” Golebiewski, who is vice president of Enterprise, Security and Surveillance Operations at Caesars, said.

Caesars is already working with another rescue dog from the Animal Foundation named Turbo for its security fleet.