LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is assuring the Culinary Union he supports their health care plan.

The state’s most powerful union hasn’t endorsed a candidate yet but has expressed concern about supporting Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. A union flier warns members those two candidates could end their health care if elected president. It is based on the candidates so-called “Medicare for All” planes which would largely eliminate employer-provided coverage.

The union flier goes on to say that other candidates would “protect culinary health care.” Buttigieg, who finished a close second to Sanders in New Hampshire, told 8 News Now he would protect coverage.

“I have so much respect for the way the culinary workers and other unions have fought hard to make sure their members have these benefits. We have to make sure we respect, protect, and support those benefits and that’s a key difference coming into Nevada,” the former South Bend, Indiana Mayor said.

Buttigieg said, if elected, he plans to solve the problem of the uninsured while expanding choice.

“If you’re happy with the plan that you’ve got, I’m not going to kick you off of it like some of the others would.”

Buttigieg said he knows that he has been outspent on political commercials in Nevada but that his ground game in the Silver State is as strong as it was in Iowa where he finished a close second to Sanders. He is expanding his staff locally.