LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Las Vegas business owners are speaking out due to increased break-ins in the southwest valley. This rise has not only set the owners back financially but also caused major concerns about the crime happening again.

Mateo Becerra is an employee at Sinful Subs and is still upset about the surprise he came across last week where the door to the southwest business was smashed.

“Someone broke the glass in the middle of the night,” said Becerra. “In one minute they broke the door, they get in but nothing. They didn’t take nothing.”

A few feet away, the door to the neighboring restaurant was also smashed on the morning of Aug, 29.

According to Becerra, he reported the crime to Metro police and said officers told him they were also investigating similar cases in the area.

Business owners in the shopping center near Fort Apache Road and Tropicana Avenue say they are worried about the culprit returning to the scene. They say that even with security cameras in place, there needs to be more done.

“I’m a little nervous actually,” said Lia Yulianti, owner of Belia. “We get to see what this person is doing but our cameras only capture what happens inside not outside. That doesn’t prevent anyone from breaking in and take anything.”

Becerra says that repairing the damage will be expensive but serves as a reminder for the entire staff that safety is the priority.

“We talked to all the employees, if someone is asking for money tell them to take it. We are talking about my life,” Becerra says.

Metro police said that they are investigating 17 incidents since August 26. All incidents are linked to several suspects wearing black hoodies sweatshirts and blue or black pants. The suspects have used three different vehicles during these crimes.