LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — After a very long year, one local business owner is hoping to spread a little more positivity.

Cherise Chapman has spent years developing her business, creating custom birthday themes with all of the personalized touches.

Now, she is hoping to take it on the road in the form of a mobile tea party — called the “PositiviTea Bus.”

“I want to be a positive influence,” Chapman said. “I want to be an example.”

Chapman is the owner of Che’s Creative, which specializes in custom themes and decor for children’s events.

After losing her godsister to gun violence, and struggling with her own self-confidence, Chapman wants to build up and inspire the next generation of young girls.

“Having to kind of reconstruct myself from the inside out, it, I want to pour back” Chapman said. “I feel like I’m so full of positivity, I just want to pour it back out into these young girls.”

To help in that effort, Chapman is expanding her business to include the PositiviTea Bus.

“My idea is to have it look like a garden tea party,” Chapman said. “So, it will have florals, pinks and golds, little seatings with tables where the little ladies can enjoy their tea.”

Now, Chapman is trying to raise $27,000 on GoFundMe to transform this recently purchased bus.

It will need to be gutted, then fitted with custom seating, TVs, dessert tables, lighting, audio and decorations.

“Every set of little girls, young women that step out, I want them to step into something greater than them,” Chapman said. “They’ll become the next ‘I like your shoes, you’re so pretty, where’d you get your shirt?’”

The bus will be able to hold up to 10 kids at a time.

Chapman plans to incorporate fun crafts with positive messages and words of affirmation.

“The more it’s seen the more it’s mimicked,” Chapman said. “I think we’re going to spark something big here and I want to see it go as far as it can go.”

In addition to expanding her business, Chapman would like to use this opportunity as a way to provide jobs.

In honor of her godsister, she wants to offer work and mentorship to youth in the community, who are also passionate about children’s development.

If you want to donate to Chapman’s GoFundMe, CLICK HERE.