LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Boston Shin didn’t think he’d ever deal with a burglary in his quiet Summerlin neighborhood.

On Wednesday evening, however, his family’s sense of security was shattered.

“I was working and then my wife, after work, she was driving home. It just popped up that some guys were going to be inside my living room,” Shin said. “She just freaked out because the two guys were going to be inside my house.”

Shin’s Nest surveillance camera captured the intruders at 6:09 p.m. Shin says if his wife had shown up to the house 10 to 15 minutes earlier from work, she would’ve encountered them.

His wife and two daughters are now avoiding the house they’ve lived in for 15 years. Shin says the police showed up quickly at his home after he called them.

“After that happened, she’s not going to come back to the home. She’s still crying. Excuse me,” Shin said getting emotional.

The burglars broke in through one of the side windows, and according to Shin, stole items like boxes of cigarettes, two of his watches, a Los Angeles Lakers basketball jersey, a sports-lettered jacket, and his hat.

When 8 News Now showed up on Friday, Shin was still assessing what items may be missing.

His neighbor Adam Graham also expressed concern.

“I have recently become a father on New Year’s Day, so now that I am a father, safety is so much more important,” Graham said.

There are different options for surveillance cameras. Some of the more popular ones are Ring and Nest cameras since they’re cheaper in price.

Yet, Farzad Rudd, sales manager for Las Vegas Tech Solutions, said those cameras come with downsides. They rely on Wi-Fi and most of the data is stored in a cloud, meaning they only record when they sense motion.

“You might want to have your cameras hardwired to the system,” Rudd said. “You may want to hide your MVR or DVR, or recorder box somewhere that it’s not very obvious.”

Rudd also recommends purchasing a metal dome-shaped camera rather than a plastic one to withstand the Las Vegas heat.

A hardwired metal surveillance camera will cost between $75 to $100 and last up to five years.