‘Burger 51’ promises out-of-this-world entertainment at new drive-in theater

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Extraterrestrial entertainment — that’s what customers can expect at a brand-new drive-in movie theater called “Burger 51.” It recently opened on the northwest side of town, near US 95 & Decatur.

Burger 51 is a different kind of drive-in theater. It’s a sci-fi and horror movie heaven, that promises an out of this world experience. It’s a scary-good time at Burger 51, filled with films, food and fun for families.

“It kind of takes you back to the old 50s and 60s with the drive-ins and stuff, so we love it,” said Nicholas Garcia.

“My favorite part has to be the movies, because there are so many and they’re short and scary,” added Garcia’s son, Nicholas Jr.

The brand-new drive-in theater celebrates short films and is a clever callback to Area 51.

“Sgt. Ashley” told 8 News Now you just order freshly-grilled grub and classic bottled soda, pull into a parking spot and enjoy the show.

Simple and safe — in the age of coronavirus.

“So every burger you come in and get, I’m going to go after an alien,” Sgt. Ashley said. “With social distancing, this is the perfect place to come hang out, you can stay in your car, you can still chat with each other.”

A couple short films, which are about 10 minutes each and free to watch, play daily on a rotation.

Slasher films are put on when it gets dark.

“You’re not committed to a full-length film, you can actually come real quick for lunch, or even with your family, and enjoy two films,” said “Cpl. Incanto with Burger 51.

Many of the short films are produced by amateur artists, including Las Vegas locals.

“I feel like, for many young artists, it’s really hard to get your work out there, and this is a really great opportunity for people to come see their work,” said Sgt. Karina with Burger 51.

These galatic guests were thrilled with the extraterrestrial experience.

“To try to get some sort of normalcy and be able to go to the movie theater, come here, have a burger, watch a few short films, it’s pretty cool,” said Las Vegan Ryan Casarez.

If you want to show your film at Burger 51, CLICK HERE for more information.

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