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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With Nevada’s unemployment rate at nearly 27%, there are a lot of people looking for a job. Experts say there are things you can do right now — at home — to build your resume.

8 News Now spoke to Sonia Petkewich from Taurean Consulting in Las Vegas and she offered some advice.

Keep track of your job search

Petkewich says are more competitive than ever right now and you should keep a
list, especially if you’re applying for multiple openings. It’s a good reference point and will keep you from mixing up jobs. She also recommends checking the same job posting on different websites, because it could provide more information about the job.

Keep up your skill set

These are things you can do at home! If a job requires a computer skill, like Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks, learn it while you’re home.

“Maybe you achieve a new skill set you’ve always wanted to have on your resume. Maybe something you felt like — in your last job — you didn’t get to play with enough technically, take this time to do that,” Petkewich said.

Practice the interview process

The biggest mistake people make during interviews is being too nervous because they are not prepared. She recommends practicing at-home with someone, or even alone.

“Just be in the practice of saying those things out loud, so that when it comes up in an interview, you’re not so nervous because you really want a job,” she said.

Key words matter

Instead of having the same resume for each job, look at the posting carefully, and tailor your resume for each one. One mistake — is making a resume available to be pushed out through some of the artificial intelligence tools.

“That resume that you have may be perfect for the job that you had, but not the job that you’re going for. So, it’s important to read the job description. Say project management skills are really important in the job description, then move those up on your resume.”

She recommends using the words that are either in the job description or what you found out about the company so that manager hones in on that.

Don’t be greedy during job search

Finally, Petkewich said don’t dismiss a job just because of the salary or title. Jobs are changing and the posted salary or even description may be different now. It’s still worth applying and getting more information.

Here is a link to some of the employers who are currently hiring.

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