LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Many people put off routine health exams during the pandemic but now that we are fully reopen, it’s time to take care of yourself again.

One local woman’s fight against breast cancer could have had much different results had she postponed routine screening.

Pamela Denny is living proof that early detection save lives.

“My surgeon was amazed, I’m amazed they found it so small, like the eraser on the end of a pencil,” Denny said.

A routine mammogram, an ultrasound, then a MRI guided biopsy lee to a dreaded diagnosis.

“She called me immediately in early November and let me know that I did have breast cancer called invasive lobular carcinoma,” Denny said. 

She credits a keen-eyed radiologist and committed doctors for spotting it so quickly.

“I’ve been told it’s very small. I was lucky it was stage one and why not do the least invasive things and go with a lumpectomy and you do have to have radiation after that.”

She started radiation in March of 2020. Just as the world was shutting down, she was starting the fight of her life. Now, more than a year later she reminds every woman to never take routine care for granted.

In Denny’s case it was caught very early, giving her the time and the options she needed to make the right choice for her.