LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — ‘BTS Mania’ took over Las Vegas Friday, as tens of thousands descended on Allegiant Stadium for the start of a week-long tour stop. 

“Finally, they are here!” a BTS fan screamed. 

The city lit up like dynamite, as the first of the ‘Permission to Dance Onstage’ concerts kicked off; many wearing their craziest purple gear to welcome the South Korean boy band sensation. 

“They’re coming from Germany, they’re coming from Singapore,” Amber, a BTS fan and Las Vegas local said. “They are just, from all over the world.”

A lot of people told 8 News Now this also means a lot more to them than just music. 
“Quite literally I would say they saved my life,” Jordan Mitchell said of BTS. “Their music saved my life.”

Some shared the times BTS songs have brought them back from their darkest moments. 

“I found them right after I had tried to take my life,” BTS fan Emily Stevens recalled. “And when I found them, everything was brighter.”

This army’s love and loyalty are unlike anything some of us in Southern Nevada have ever seen. 

“They really care about their fans,” Stevens added of BTS. “And they care about mental health.”

Whether they came from across the country or the world, those who spoke with 8 News Now said they were more than ready to ‘get it, let it roll.’

“I am so glad we finally have something,” Bea, a BTS fan said. “Where people are finally coming back to Vegas.”

BTS will also perform at Allegiant Stadium on April 9, 15, and 16 to sold-out crowds. 
Drivers and concertgoers are asked to watch for road closures and delays around the area.